Virtual Banking


Build the future of banking…

LiveBank is a game-changing virtual bank branch. Modern and comfortable. It fills the gap between self-service channels and a visit to the bank branch, guaranteeing the highest level of client service. Thanks to LiveBank, your client will contact you and fill an application at any time, using the video, audio, or chat channel most convenient for him. The first virtual bank branch. The complete sales process and a new dimension of client service

Client satisfaction guaranteed

Your clients will be more willing and quicker to submit a complicated application if they have the interactive support of a bank consultant available anytime, anywhere – in their browser and on mobile devices, 24/7.

Increase your sales. It works!

The virtual LiveBank branch is a fully transactional system, tailored to the bank’s offer and client expectations. The result is a significant increase in sales and full business process support, from their start to their authorization and closure

Maximize your potential

Our many years of experience in the banking sector, have helped us create a solution fully integrated with bank processes and systems. Using the latest technology, we implement a complete system that supports clients worldwide. We will adapt the solution to bank and legal regulations.