Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the technique of provisioning computing resources for use on pay as you use/need basis. Cloud computing eliminates the need for higher capital as well as operational expenditure.

For the startup company requiring a few desktops for browser based access, email service, a financial or HR or operations application, our cloud computing packages readily makes these available in a matter of minutes

For the well established company that intends to reduce operational expenditure and increase availability and security, we have a multiple tier secure cloud service customizable by our international team of experts to meet your unique needs and position you ahead of the competition.

We provide advanced cloud computing services with an efficient infrastructure management system to ensure and demonstrate the ability to meet the highest service quality agreements, security of data, applications and the ability to dynamically make changes.
Cloud or server-based computing is Green computing, enabling more efficient use of computing resources and environment.

Our cloud-computing solutions include: Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Name Services, Secure communication and file sharing platform, Mail Services, Hosted Exchange, Hosted video collaboration, Hosted HR & Payroll system, Hosted Time & Attendance System, Multimedia Streaming, Hosted mail & web filtering service and Web Hosting.

cloud computing
  • Deploy applications & services on the latest HP & Dell services
  • Access servers on best Tier-1 internet connection for best speeds
  • Enjoy heightened firewall shields and next generation bit encryption
  • Experience faster computing from uncapped internet bandwidth
  • Effortlessly scale your resources by just a click
  • Drastically eliminate capital-expenditure since there is no need to procure servers, softwares, etc.
  • Significantly reduce operational cost (Communication, Power, Personnel, Security, etc.)
  • Enjoy higher availability from redundant power, internet links and cooling
  • Compute securely on any device, anywhere

Why Choose Our Cloud Services

The choice of Bigrace International as the preferred provider is anchored primarily on a motivated team of experts having a customer satisfaction- centered service provisioning, guaranteeing exceptional customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction-centeredness enjoins us to recruit and partner with experts in specific domains and regions in the information technology industry. Consequently, we invest in the best hardware, software, services and the best after sales support to fulfill our Exceptional Customer Satisfaction (ECS) cycle.

The following are some unique features of our datacenter and services:

  • Dedicated account & support personnel (We Are Close to You)
  • 24/7 support
  • Available support options
    • Phone Support (Call back included)
    • Remote Support
    • Onsite support
    • WhatsApp Chat
    • Email-Support
  • Quality network and hardware
  • No outrageous prices
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • High speed access to services
  • Scale resources anytime
  • Multiple Tier-1 internet cables
  • Cluster of 7 datacenters
  • 800+ Gbps internet capacity
  • Robust Internet Firewall
  • Custom network solutions
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed
  • Redundant network structure
  • Up to date traffic statistics
  • High Speed Access to thousands of providers

Dedicated & Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Servers include advanced and innovative cloud solutions which enable customers to enjoy advanced possibilities without the need to purchase servers, storage etc.
All our servers are the latest in the industry from leading vendors like HP & Dell and are based on high performance components solid state drives, memories & processors ensuring higher user experience

We offer you a pool of fully dedicated resources. In case you don’t need Bare-Metal, please feel free to consider one of the sample specifications below or you can send us your required specifications or needs and we’ll give you the best offer. Please consider working with us and we’ll respond immediately when you contact us. We’ve been waiting to serve you, let us serve you well!

Describe your project and what you want to achieve

Our goal & customer-satisfaction orientated experts will think with you to find the most appropriate solution quickly and easily. Simply tell us what your requirements are and we will send you the best servers and services options and prices. Remember, the more details you give us, the more specific our recommendations will be.