Strategy IT


Strategy IT

Do you have need for a data network designed and implemented to support your current and future growth? Do you have offices around the world or in country and need to centralized access to your core application and other productivity solutions? Are you contemplating whether to buy servers or desktops or laptops or tablets or thin computers? Do you want to work everywhere? Must you use dedicated links from ISPs or is there an alternative? Which options are cost effective and guarantee higher availability? Etc.

You Simply Need An IT Strategy!

Whatever the immediate and future needs maybe, an IT strategy will skillfully analyze business needs and goals, consider all possible methods of achievement, cost effectiveness, security, scalability and maintenance of the environment. Leveraging on our strong team skills and experiences, we are able to seamlessly work with your in-house team or manage the entire operation for you in the strictest of confidentiality.
You don’t have to invest today and realize tomorrow that you could’ve done it better and future-proof
Whether it is:

  • Applications : Accounting, HR-Payroll, SAP, Banking, School ERP, Video Banking, Electronic & Digital signage
  • Access: Everywhere Computing (BYOD), Remote Access
  • Cloud computing: Desktops, Virtual Machines, Hosted applications, Video conferencing, Hosted Exchange
  • Data Security: Backup, Disaster Recovery
  • Green Computing
  • Connectivity: ATM-Remote Branch connectivity, Secure Communication platform
  • Network infrastructure: Design & Implementation of data networks & Help desk, Security implementation
  • IT Consultancy & Advisory

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