Virtual Banking


Build the future of banking…
Only with LiveBank

LiveBank is a game-changing virtual bank branch. Modern and comfortable. It fills the gap between self-service channels and a visit to the bank branch, guaranteeing the highest level of client service. Thanks to LiveBank, your client will contact you and fill an application at any time, using the video, audio, or chat channel most convenient for him. The first virtual bank branch. The complete sales process and a new dimension of client service

The revolution is coming

You meet your clients’ needs.
We create solutions that make that possible.
We have plans for the future of your customer service.
Modern, often groundbreaking.

Meet us and see our vision.

Not only for banks!

The versatility of a virtual branch allows clients to be served efficiently in other industries as well. If you represent a company that offers its clients sophisticated products requiring multiple meetings and high class advice, a virtual branch will be an excellent choice for you.

LiveBank is not just a video channel
It is so much more!

LiveBank allows you to launch a virtual bank branch. It is a modern
and convenient communication, cooperation and transaction channel.
This ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Specializing in the banking industry, we learned the principles guiding
business processes. We know how to meet your client’s needs more quickly
and efficiently. With a virtual advisor in the browser and on mobile devices,
the client does not even need to go anywhere.