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Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing

Web browsing is an integral part of standard business operations; yet, these activities generate nearly 90% of all security breaches. While all modern organizations already implement multiple cyber-security measures, the evolving threat landscape seems to be always one step ahead. It is estimated that American companies paid out over a billion dollars in 2016 in ransomware payments alone.

  • Empowers users with the confidence to click without fear of data exploits ransomware, phishing, adware and other threats
  • End users can consume content freely without limiting their productivity
  • Provides a seamless and safe browsing experience
  • Reduces IT complexity, costs and management associated with blocking malware at the end-user device
  • Scales up quickly with no requirement for endpoint installations or plug-ins
  • Eliminates endpoint compatibility concerns
  • Addresses multiple attack surfaces including Web, documents, and email
  • Augments your existing web-security arsenal as a lead security measure
  • Isolates 100% of Internet traffic coming through the browser

Our Technology

Enterprise Ready
Highly available and auto scalable

Ericom Shield uses elastic architecture to support the browsing demands of the modern organization, addressing peak periods, responsiveness, high-availability and scale

Zero Client Installation
True device agnostic strategy

The Ericom solution is device agnostic, supporting laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well as running on any OS and browser. No endpoint software or plug-ins to install, zero client-side footprint and full compatibility, including for mobile devices and tablets

Isolation and Integration
A winning combination

Ericom Shield can be easily integrated with your existing security arsenal, enhancing the enterprise security level with a remote browsing isolation solution that serves as a key defense, eliminating a primary enterprise threat surface

Secure by design
Using disposable Linux containers

Each browsing session is executed within its own Linux virtual container running inside a ‘locked-down’ Linux operating system, which provides multiple security levels and dramatically decreases the potential attack surfaces.

Flexible Deployment Model
Matches any customer environment

Customers can choose to deploy Ericom Shield on their premises, in their cloud of choice, private or public, or as a hybrid solution.

Post Event Forensics
Integrates with existing analytics tools

Ericom Shield analytics provides dashboards, reporting and monitoring, as well as data extracts that can easily feed into existing analytics platforms.


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